Sarunas Jackson’s Baby Mama, Actress Dominque Perry, Clarifies Her Post Amid Keke Palmer’s Domestic Abuse Situation

Sarunas Jackson’s Baby Mama Dominque Perry entered the chat yesterday after Keke Palmers Mother dragged him for his tweet.


The Insecure actress posted the popular meme of Michael Jackson eating popcorn Thriller to her Instagram stories and many took it to mean she was entertained or laughing at Keke’s situation.

In an effort not to be misunderstood, Perry explained her stance with a lengthy statement.

She said:

There was a report of a post I made on yesterday. (There are situations where you laugh to keep from crying.) Let me give clarity.

I would never laugh at ANYONE that is subject to domestic abuse female or male. As It’s known abuse comes in different definitions, silent and physical. Only the people enduring such behavior truly understand the effect.

Women have been manipulated abused lied to for centuries and put their head down for the fear of not being believed. We need to stop being afraid.

I may not be at the highest platform in my career just yet to be heard and/or supported by the public, but whenever that time comes, everyone will listen.

God is in control of my stems and I’ll respond accordingly. I will be vindicated in his timing. Pray for the abusers the protected babies will always be fine.

Perry might have a story to tell which is pretty ironic since Darius’s brother (her baby father) had so much to ‘tweet’ yesterday.

Sharon Palmer accused Sarunas Jackson of being an abuser himself and the source of Darius’s abusive tendencies.








We are just happy Keke has her restraining order and is safe, our hearts go out to Keke and Dominque.