Keke Palmer Granted Sole Custody Of Her Son And Temporary Restraining Order Against Darius Daulton

KeKe Palmer’s ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from the actress and their 8-month-old son.

According to court documents obtained by, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge granted Palmer’s motion for a temporary restraining order.

In addition, Palmer will have sole custody of their child until further notice.

The order said Jackson is not allowed visitation with his son for the time being.

The judge set a hearing for December to determine whether the order will become permanent.

In her petition, Palmer claimed she broke things off with Jackson in October 2023. The duo have been off and on since 2021.

On November 7, Palmer claimed Jackson showed up at her home unannounced demanding to see their son.

The actress said she refused to let their child go to a football game with Jackson which infuriated her ex. In her filing, she said she asked Jackson to leave which led to him “yelling” in her face.

“At that point, he lunged at me, grabbing at my neck and face, knocked me backwards over the couch, stole my phone out of my hands, and then ran out of the house,” she said.

Palmer said the police were called before Jackson could leave. “After interviewing me, my sister, and Darius, they made him leave and warned him not to come back,” she said.

The actress detailed another incident in February 2022. She claimed Jackson became jealous after she showed him a bikini photo of herself.

“In the bedroom, he slammed me on the floor and slapped my head from side to side. The next morning, he was standing at the bottom of the stairs near the front door, screaming at me as I was coming down the stairs. When I was almost at the bottom of the stairs, he grabbed me around the neck and body slammed me back onto the stairs,” she wrote.

Palmer submitted screenshots of her security footage from both incidents as part of her plea.

In an emotional declaration, Palmer said, “The abuse during our relationship was not just physical, but emotional and manipulative.”

She added, “So much of Darius’ abuse towards me throughout our relationship was based on his insecurity and jealousy, that I became extremely concerned when Darius started to express jealousy about the time I was spending with our son.”

In her declaration, Palmer told the court, “Given Darius’ uncontrolled, violent outbursts in the past whenever he became jealous, I became seriously concerned he would hurt our son, even if it was just to hurt me.”

During an alleged September 2023 incident, Palmer said Jackson became frustrated with their crying son.

“Darius started getting rough with Leo physically and I stepped in to make sure Darius would not hurt him. Darius was angry and it almost became a tug of war with Leo,” Palmer said. “Darius finally let go and Leo was not harmed, but as I was holding Leo trying to comfort him and finish changing his diaper, Darius hit me in the head before storming out of the room.”