Jeezy “Tells His Truth” To Nia Long In New Interview, Gives Her.. “Her Flowers”, Says Therapy Did Not Work For His Marriage

Jeezy sat down with Nia Long and had an open, honest, vulnerable, and candid conversation, about mental health, forgiveness, abuse, his divorce, his mother and so much more.

The conversation was so therapeutic ya’ll, we wont even ruin it with meaningless introductions but we do have a few take aways.

1. Jeezy is using every medium he can (Book, Album, open conversation) to share his truth.
2. These conversations are so necessary in our community.
3. Black men and black women need to create the space for each other to be open, honest and vulnerable.
4. We do not want to be strong all the damn time, we deserve to be soft, to be happy, to give and receive love.


Jeezy and Nia are trending right now on Twitter, here are some of the reactions.








What were your takeaways from the interview?

Let us know!